Is Andrew Gillum’s name in the Scott Maddox indictment? And Why?

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Is Andrew Gillum’s name in the Scott Maddox indictment? And Why?


Corey is a former lobbyist who had clients before the city commission, and restaurateur who was a longtime friend of former Mayor Andrew Gillum and his one-time campaign treasurer.

Early on it became clear that Corey was at the center of the FBI probe. The Democrat, which has extensively chronicled the investigation, reported that it was Corey who was introduced to three undercover agents who were posing as developers and medical marijuana entrepreneurs. He escorted them around town, set up meetings with Gillum and his staffers and with city planners and the city manager. It was at his taxpayer-subsidized restaurant, The Edison, that some of those meetings took place. It was at Corey’s house that a fundraiser for Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign was held, with the catering and drinks tab apparently picked up by an FBI undercover agent.

It was Corey’s lobbying firm that sent tickets to city officials to FSU football games. It was Corey who organized a trip to Costa Rica that Gillum and his wife joined in on, along with Gillum’s campaign manager Sean Pittman and his wife. It was during that trip Corey set up a meeting between Gillum and the undercover agents. And it was Corey who with the undercover agents arranged several outings in New York City later that summer, including a boat trip and seeing the hit Broadway show, “Hamilton.”


Federal investigators also asked for copies of a city audit of the Edison. The subpoena may have been an update of the FBI’s previous requests – seeking any new emails, audits, reviews generated since the last information dump in October. Another theory is that the subpoena is part of a new investigation, separate from or an offshoot of the years-long FBI investigation into the CRA and people and businesses who interact with the city, according to two sources within City Hall. One source referred to the investigation as a “splinter” of the larger one, while another said the subpoena was not part of the larger one going on for the previous year. The indictment makes no mention of a separate investigation. Gillum has said all along he’s been assured that he is not a target of the FBI investigation.

Why did he cut ties with Mike Miller? Can voters believe in his honesty? Andrew Gillum addresses issues head-on. Tallahassee Democrat Does that mean Corey and Gillum are in the clear? Assistant U.S. attorney Steve Kunz said the FBI public corruption investigation is ongoing “with respect to these matters” when he argued not to release the names of witnesses. What did he mean by “these matters.” Was he referring to the issues outlined in the indictment or other people?


LEARN MORE HERE – And although there are no indictments under Gillum’s name, it still seems quite shady under the Ex-mayor’s name.

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