Corrupt Ex-Mayor of Tallahassee, now goes as a commentator on CNN

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Corrupt Ex-Mayor of Tallahassee, now goes as a commentator on CNN

Former Tallahassee mayor and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum announced Tuesday he is joining CNN as a political commentator.

Gillum’s new gig comes amid news that state officials in Florida are moving forward with an ethics complaint after finding probable cause on five of six counts that he violated ethics laws in 2016 by accepting gifts from lobbyists during trips.

“Thrilled to be joining @CNN as a political commentator,” Gillum tweeted Tuesday morning.

Gillum’s lawyer, Barry Richard, said late last week after leaving a hearing at the First District Court of Appeal that his client’s case will head to an administrative judge.

“We’re going to have a full evidentiary hearing before an independent judge. It’ll be open to the public, and everybody can decide for themselves,” Richard said, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “There for sure will be no settlement.”


Despite his narrow loss in the gubernatorial race to Ron DeSantis in November, Gillum has remained in the spotlight as a potential 2020 presidential candidate thanks to his fundraising influence, volunteer lists in the swing state of Florida and a high-profile meeting with former President Barack Obama.

But the ethics case continues to loom over him. The complaint against Gillum was originally filed last year by Tallahassee businessman Erwin Jackson, who alleges that the former mayor received gifts above the state limit of $100 on trips to Costa Rica and New York City.

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