You're not our governor

“Hey Nelson, I think these fake votes coming in might be enough to win!”

Andrew Gillum and many other democrats such as Bill Nelson, Stacey Abrams and many others continue to fight the already elected Republican officials, by Undermining Florida Election, Trying to use invalid votes, and Gillum spending his time arguing with the President of The United States through twitter. Sources: Miami Times, Essence and NBC News

“Almost won by this much, now I’ll cheat on the recount to win”

Candidate Andrew Gillum nervous as Judge rules in Rick Scott’s favor as Judge suspects Democrats for mishandling votes on their favor. More Info on Fox News: Here

Crooked Mayor of Tallahassee pushes for Gubernatorial Recounts

Recently, with the last percentage of votes left, Andrew Gillum has continued to push for recounts of votes, even after he concedes.

Tallahassee Democrat admits to Andrew Gillum’s Corruption?

“A substantial portion of the electorate do not like politicians who have a reputation of being in it for themselves,” said Jon Ausman, former Democratic state committeeman and former chair of the Leon County Democratic Party. Never mind, the city’s stubbornly high crime rate, A three-year FBI investigation into the activities of a redevelopment agency and…
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Meet Andrew “Nacho” Gillum

Meet Andrew “Nacho” Gillum, the crooked mayor of Tallahassee and Nacho Governor.

Andrew Gillum caught lying about FBI Investigation.

Corey turns on Gillum, his former friend, in the fallout of an FBI investigation. Just days before Tuesday’s election, Corey dumped emails appearing to show that Miller — now known to be an undercover agent — had been sent a bill (and a “thank you” note) for the catering. The revelation appeared to damage the…
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“I get to keep my campaign funding even though I lost” Andrew Gillum keeps money.

Andrew Gillum concedes before Election ending, having thousands of campaign funding kept as he GOES HOME!

“Are these the results?” Andrew Gillum Doesn’t “bring it home” but GOES HOME

Andrew Gillum, despite a whole state now knowing how truly corrupt the Mayor is, still refuses TO GO HOME. Having fought tears while conceding to the new Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. Learn More at HERE

“These polls better be higher!”. Corrupt Mayor turned to Corrupt Governor?

Today at 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM Countywide GOTV Canvasses & Phonebanks Various Election Day is November 6th and we need ALL HANDS ON DECK to Get Out The Vote for Ron DeSantis, Governor Rick Scott, and the rest of the Republican Winning Ticket!

These can not be my voting numbers Florida?

2 dates left Winning Ticket Largo GOTV Canvass 8096 118th Ave N, Largo, FL 33773, United States

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