Andrew Gillum going to jail? NO SURPRISE! Ethics case ramps up.

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Andrew Gillum going to jail? NO SURPRISE! Ethics case ramps up.

JACKSONVILLE, FL – A local businessman, Erwin Jackson, filed a complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics accusing Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum of improperly accepting gifts connected to a New York trip.

In the complaint, Jackson said that in August 2016 Gillum accepted the gifts from a city lobbyist, a city vendor or someone seeking to do business with the city. He said the New York trip was designed to influence Gillum in his capacity as mayor.

The trip occurred at a time when the FBI was allegedly conducting an undercover investigation into alleged public corruption in Tallahassee.

“… It is apparent that he (Gillum) broke some ethics laws on the trip,” Jackson said. “A thorough commission (investigation) is necessary to determine precisely which laws he broke.”

Jackson cited laws prohibiting the mayor from accepting gifts from certain people valued at more than $100, from lobbyists who have lobbied him or the city within the past 12 months, and from vendors doing business with Tallahassee.

Jackson cited as gifts the trip to New York, a ticket to a professional baseball game (New York Mets), a ticket to a Broadway show (Hamilton) and a boat tour of the Statue of Liberty. He said Gillum’s brother, Marcus, who lives in Chicago, also received some or all of the same gifts.

Others listed in Jackson’s complaint are Adam Corey, a lobbyist registered to lobby Tallahassee and the owner of The Edison restaurant and catering company, and Mike Miller, who identified himself as a real estate developer interested in developing within Tallahassee.

Miller was an undercover FBI agent investigating public corruption in Tallahassee, Jackson’s complaint said, citing media outlets as the source.

But Jackson said whether or not Miller was a federal agent is irrelevant to the complaint because Gillum believed Miller to be a real estate developer who wanted to do business with Tallahassee.

As for the gifts, Jackson said in the complaint, reports said Miller booked a block of rooms at the New York Millennium Hilton and flew on an airplane to New York although Jackson did not know whether the group flew on private or commercial aircraft.

Despite some unknowns, Jackson says there are clear ethical violations and wants the mayor to address these issues.

“It is very unfortunate that we have an individual running for governor who won’t even answer questions of citizens in our community regarding this trip — and the fact that he’s spending time and taking benefits from an individual who was seeking his approval on a local project,” Jackson asserted.




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  1. admin says:

    Andrew Gillum finally goes to jail? What does everyone think of this ethics case???

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