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Keeping track:

Since Gillum's been, mayor...

  • There's been a federal investigation on his city.

  • His city is named the most dangerous of all of Florida.

  • Receives mysterious money deposits - one being recorded as high as $15,000.

  • Been in a state of emergency due to such high violent crimes.

  • And so much more... 

If Andrew Gillum can't do a good job as mayor, why run for a job with even more responsibilities?


More Reasons why Andrew Gillum is corrupt like crooked Hillary:

  • Andrew Gillum and Hillary Clinton are now campaigning together. LEARN MORE

  • Gillum scheduled meeting with undercover FBI agents during a foreign trip with lobbyists. LEARN MORE

  • Failed to disclose more than $400,000 in mortgage debts. LEARN MORE

  • Gillum spends city tax money on voter information from a Democratic vendor. LEARN MORE

  • Gillum took a boat ride in NYC with an undercover FBI agent. LEARN MORE

  • Mayor Andrew Gillum Paid by PR Firm with No Website, Will Not Identify Clients. LEARN MORE

Andrew Gillum is just in politics for the money, and being governor is just a pay raise in his eyes.

Contact Mayor Andrew Gillum and tell him to GO HOME!

Call Andrew Gillum and tell him to go home! 850-891-2000

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