Hillary Clinton To Campaign With Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum To Boost Bid

Crooked Hillary & Crooked Gillum?

Haven’t you heard?

Here are some things you may not know about Andrew Gillum

$15,000 Mysterious Dollars appeared in his account.

When Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum released some records Tuesday related to two trips he took with a lobbyist in 2016, he was trying to clear the air around an FBI investigation…

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Tallahasee “the most dangerous city in florida”.

The Democratic candidate for governor, who has led Tallahassee since November 2014, learned that his city is the most dangerous in Florida…

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FBI investigation hanging over Andrew Gillum’s campaign.

Just a few months into the Tallahassee mayor’s run, FBI agents delivered a subpoena to his city hall in June 2017, requesting thousands of pages of records from key players in city government..

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Meet Andrew

Andrew Gillum is running for Governor to rebuild Florida into a state that works for all of us. Or atleast he’d have us to believe, yet with so much lies and corruption, soon comes the truth. 

Mysterious $15,000 Deposit

A bank statement including a $15,000 deposit into his personal checking account. On the same page, not redacted, was an entry showing a $400 cash withdrawal that the campaign says was cash used to pay for lodging in Costa Rica

Promises, yet no results

Has continued to promise a stronger public school system and yet has no results nor real plan to make such thing a reality. Mayor Andre Gillum is good at lying, yet when it comes to the results. He has failed Tallahassee, and if governor, Andrew Gillum will fail Florida too.

Mayor of the most dangerous city of florida

Since mayor, his leadership – or lack there of, has transformed Tallahassee into “the most dangerous city of all of Florida.” 

FBI Investigation

Gillum has been tied to the FBI investigation because of his relationship to his former campaign treasurer Adam Corey. Corey also a former lobbyist whose name and corporations have shown up on three subpoenas.

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